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I started working out with Jonathan in 2010 and till today very pleased. We had a slow start however with his amazing guidance and experience he pushed me to focus and work on the results. He managed to work within my schedule and was flexible. The agreement was; he would be flexible and understanding with my time however I had to give my full dedication to this, starting January 2012 we even changed the entire program to a super exciting and amazing training schedule that is resulting in amazing perfection.
— (2/9/2012) (Edward Farwick)
I would strongly recommend this trainer to anyone looking. He is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with.
Training with Jon is great. He takes your goals and creates a specific plan built up around them. For instance, I started my training with him wanting to get faster. We concentrated on sprinting drills and the like. Later on, when I wanted to shift to weight loss, Jon and his routines shifted too, and we focused more on full body workouts.
It is clear that he is flexible (mentally, I mean, though physically too.) He went the extra mile in figuring out times and venues to meet. I also never felt judgement from Jon, either. He was always positive and helpful, but continued to push me to do my best. I wish I worked or lived in Manhattan so I could still work with him.
Work with Jon, and you won’t regret it.
— (2/24/2012)(Bick M)
Working with you has been infinitely more valuable than I’d have ever expected. I’ve worked out for years but every session I have with you I learn something new and profound about my own body. The understanding of my own physiology is invaluable. Your training and accountability is great - but the education is what will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jon!
— (01/11/2016) (Jeff Jassky)
Jonathan helped me get ready for the physical challenges of Navy Officer Candidate School and took me from barely being able to do ten push ups and weighing nearly 200 pounds to doing almost 70, over a hundred crunches and weighing in at 160. I never once failed a physical evolution at boot camp. Very grateful for his attention to detail and hard work in helping me meet my goal of becoming a Naval Officer
— Phil (9/29/2017)

Alexandra K. Widrick (Sept 17th, 2016) Wedding Testimony

I’ve been working with Jonathan for almost 6 months and this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jonathan gives me that extra push that I needed and that I could not accomplish on my own.

I feel stronger, less lethargic and Jonathan is teaching me foundations for a healthier lifestyle. I strongly recommend him for anyone looking to work with an experienced personal trainer.
— (9/19/2013) (Rebecca Soroka)
Jonathan Mullins is not only a very knowledgable, engaging, and dedicated trainer, but he is also an inspiring person. He has helped me with my physical problems incurred by my service industry/physically demanding job by assessing and designing an individualized work out plan to help strengthen me where I’m weak, correct misalignments, and to work on my physical/visual image goals. I no longer experience the upper back/shoulder pain that I started having because of my job. We are always talking about mindset too. He wants to help me with this in addition to working on my physical goals. ALL OF THIS while we have fun during our workouts. Even while we work out and stay focused, I feel like we’re having fun all the time. The time FLIES and I don’t want the session to be over! Jon is an amazing trainer, but he has also become an important part of my life- So grateful for him everyday!
— (10/31/2014) (Lyndsey Wurch)
Jon is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with and it isn’t close. I’ve been training with him for two years and I’m in the best shape of my life. He goes WAY above and beyond what he needs to do to help me reach my goals. He’s extremely knowledgeable and always has an upbeat / great attitude. My only hesitation about recommending him to others is that he won’t have as much time for me! Give Jon a shot and you won’t be disappointed!
— (10/07/2015)(Ben Rosen)
Well prepared, attentive, inventive: it is never boring to train with Jonathan! And results speak louder than words: before training with him, I could not stand in line for more than 10-15 minutes without feeling back-pain. It took only a month of training with Jonathan to correct this disagreement.
— (1/22/2014) (Eric Lettier)
Jon is a fantastic trainer who is attentive, smart, professional and friendly. And fun. He is knowledgeable of and works with a range of client issues and goals. Jon is a great trainer who works with women and men. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from every session with him.
— (2/20/2012)(Tracy Hyter-Suffern)
I have just started working out with Jonathan and I am already feeling the difference. I have been an athlete all my life Jon has me focusing on mobility, strength both physical and mental. This is a unique combination of drills, core engagement and it is a TON OF FUN. If you want to get in great shape call Jon he’ll help you hit your goals he’s doing it for me.
— (9/18/2015)(Mk. Marsden)
Jon is truly transforming my body in ways that I‘ve always dreamed of, but never seemed to be able to achieve with previous trainers.
He is not only an incredible trainer, he is a friend and a great motivator. Jon’s attention to details beyond fitness is impeccable. He goes beyond training and explains the importance of muscle, mind connection.
If you want to see major results, he is your guy!

— (2/11/2016) Alexandra Hampton