Personal Trainer advice: One Size doesn't fit all


Personal trainer advice

A healthy diet together with a training plan adapted to your level are fundamental pillars, if
taken seriously, will give you your desired results in the fastest possible time; results that you can see and feel much more confident about yourself. It's like a tailor-made suit, which takes into account your weight, height, age, gender, physical activity, eating habits and health status.

People tend to generalize the needs of exercise and nutrition, but it is important to understand that everyone is different. This is due to a series of very important factors that are not only specific to each of us, but also conditioned by our heritage and even by environmental factors.


They are the factors that we carry in the genes. Among them may be for example the size of the organs, the composition of muscle fibers and many others. Therefore, those who have greater advantage in this area will respond better and see faster results.


The amount of load in training is limited by the maturity of the organism, therefore the level of maturity can greatly influence training results.


This can positively or negatively influence physical performance over training. Each person has different nutritional needs and there is no common diet that works well for everyone. At this point we should know that this depends only on each one of us. Only we are responsible for the food we ingest, therefore it is pertinent to pay attention to our food, in order to gain maximum results.



The mind plays a very important role in physical training. Most people are usually lackadaisical about their training due to their inability to find the right success habits, but those who focus and set their minds towards achieving their desired results tend to see better and faster results than others.

Environmental influences

Our environment directly affects our physical performance. To give an example, cold or heat can condition our response to exercise. Also pollution, altitude, humidity and other factors can condition our results. In addition other factors such as stress can also affect our training. No matter how hard you train, without an adapted diet and vice versa, you will experience difficulty in reaching your body goals. Both issues have to be complemented and therefore you need proper scheduling and proper planning to help you face this challenge that will give a complete turn to your life and physical appearance.

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