The Best Personal Trainer Advice: Parent's, be good examples to your kids

Once I decided to become a personal trainer and become the best there is in NYC, I knew after a while my message would be very simple.

"Parents, make sure you're a good example for your kids." 

Reality for most: It's hard sometimes when life throws us curve balls, and we stray away from what we know is not common practice to our daily routine, or anything that we feel isn't conducive toward our future albeit, monetarily, lifestyle etc. It is now more common practice that Health & Fitness are becoming a way of life, as it should. The baby boomers are suffering more from free radicals and chronic illnesses then ever seen before, but if it's something we've learned from the past, it has taught us to start paying more attention what goes inside your body & to move more.

Now, I personally don't have children, but I am a son. I know now that to break the chain of bad habits, starts with me. So, if I'm not a good example to and for myself how can I be a good example to anyone else, much less be a trainer? HYPOCRISY! (you can laugh) The fact of the matter is, we need to learn and implement great behavioral changes in our daily lives, not only from fitness, but how we manage our habits and routines.

Kids could use a personal trainer as well

People do what you do, not as you say.

Kids could use a personal trainer too

Great Example

That very same saying goes for your kids. Kids will eat what you eat, and sleep when you sleep, and drink what you drink. There has to be a systematic approach to parenting in regard to making sure your children learn good habits. Sure, chocolate and candy and staying up late is apart of parenting. I know, I used to be a kid! Mama did teach us to make sure we got at least eight hours of sleep.

The best advice I learned from my mother was to dream big, and never stop dreaming. That has stayed with me, but as I got older I had to learn the most important thing aside from dreaming is to keep GREAT HEALTH! It is your wealth. So, if you're the type of parent that has a hard time trying to implement change for yourself, and you're struggling to even start with changing bad habits: don't think, just DO! Easier said than done, but there is no such thing as "motivation." 

Parent, personal trainer to her child 


John Maxwell says that, "motivation is a trap, action leads to motivation, that motivation therefore leads to inspiration!" So, you have to inspire your kids to be and do more than you! That is what I personally learned. We are always growing and ever evolving, so make sure you start to implement change that is good and healthy. The type of parent's that already implement and know this change are the ones that:

  • Teach them about good nutrition
  • Cook healthy meals for them
  • Bring their children to the gym
  • Show them exercises
  • Let their kids see the parents exercise

(The list goes on) Those are a few things that good parenting from a healthy standpoint understand. As a personal trainer I am also now studying under Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutrition. I aim to be a one stop shop for my clientele. So, when you're shopping around for a trainer, and you come across my site, lets connect! My philosophy is very simple. Treat others how you want to be treated, the rest is history! Let me help you!